Hi, I'm Nicole Falcone.


I am a writer, editor, and producer. As the founder of Gather&Create, I help people and organizations tell their most important stories. I am especially interested in how stories connect us all, reveal what it means to be human, and help us imagine what seems impossible, especially when it comes to education and learning. I have worked with hundreds of educators and young people in schools, districts, and organizations from across the country to share stories of learning.

Before starting Gather&Create, I worked for six and a half years at 2Revolutions, a national education design lab that helps reimagine and redesign learning. I was 2Rev’s Director of Digital Experience and Director of Storytelling. I led the development and launch of 2Rev’s national platform, InspirED, which curates resources, courses, and communities of thousands of people interested in the future of education. I produced dozens of stories, some of my favorites being this video and this accompanying story about ROOTS, an elementary school in Denver, Colorado that uses technology in a unique way to make school adaptive and personal to each kid. Another favorite of mine is this video about Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design, a learning environment that brings a blend of in-and-outside of school experiences to teenagers. Our team at 2Rev led the production of dozens of videos for New Hampshire Department of Education’s vision paper. We built toolkits on innovation and digital stories, like this one, and created audio stories on reimagining assessment. I loved my time at 2Rev and it taught me so much, most of all to tell stories about education that are beautiful and sticky. Stories you will remember.

In addition to storytelling about learning, I have published in Runner’s World, Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50, Scholastic’s Parent&Child magazine, and other national publications, writing about rich and important elements of life: exercise, health, and parenting, to name a few.

My love of schools and learning systems started during my Master of Arts in English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and I owe a lot of my storytelling chops from my time as managing editor of Lehigh University’s college paper, The Brown and White. Much of what I do now in organizing and leading projects and teams can be traced back to those late nights in the press room. I am also a poet, and I bring the lens of the wonderful poet Naomi Shihab Nye to all of my storytelling. As Nye so perfectly puts it: "Your life is a poem."

There’s poetry in everything you do.

There are stories everywhere.

Looking forward to helping you tell yours.



Zara Zuckerman, Storyteller

Zara is an educator, writer, and editor. Before joining the Gather&Create team, Zara taught for nearly a decade, working with students as young as Pre-K to teaching middle and high school English and journalism classes and college creative writing. Much of her time in education was spent creating meaningful learning opportunities for her students, and figuring out the best ways in which to honestly and fairly assess that learning. Her work with Gather&Create focuses on helping our clients tell their most authentic and compelling stories.