"Working with Nicole is amazing! She brings a unique combination of empathy, listening, passion, and creativity to any project. Those dispositions paired with her writing, design, and project management skills—which are some of the best in the business—make working with her a completely enjoyable and fulfilling experience. She has written and designed tool kits and websites for Next Generation Learning Challenges, and so much more. Through each of those experiences, I have learned from and with Nicole. She’s a true collaborative partner, always bringing her full self to a project to deliver high quality work on time, every time."

Stef Blouin, Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges

"Nicole's openness to others' lives and experiences gives her a unique lens into human stories. Her way of being embodies a desire to know and understand people at their core, this allows her work to get at the heart of human experience in a way that tells unique and important stories while capturing the essence of what it means for all of us to be human.  She is an incredibly gifted storyteller who's empathetic leadership style is refreshing, powerful, and successful. She is a true pleasure to know and to work with."

Brigid Moriarty-Guerrero, Senior Consultant, 2Revolutions

"Nicole and her team helped us take Voices of ALP from the kernel of an idea to a beautiful multimedia exhibition that fundamentally transformed the experience of our annual convening. We hired Nicole because there was no model for us to follow for the exhibition we wanted, and we needed someone who was up for the challenge and would be a true partner. She and her team have a unique combination of creative vision, attention to detail, technical skill, and passion for storytelling. Nicole helped us translate a very complex, jargon-filled initiative into human stories that inspired and moved people to action. She is a joy to work with, and the final product surpassed even our highest expectations."

Tony Siddall, Program officer, Next Generation Learning Challenges

 "We worked with Nicole's team to develop a Women's Health and Pelvic floor program. Gather&Create brought a wealth of knowledge in education techniques, marketing, and storytelling. The team helped to develop our novice educator into a confident speaker. With our staff they developed a robust curriculum for a sensitive topic and underserved population."

Dr. Mark Shulman, DPT, CMPT, CSCS, owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy, The Physical Therapy Effect