Writing, Editing & Production

As a writer, editor and producer, I specialize in telling stories you want to share and people want to read. I love stories of all kinds. (Because writing is about people, and our experiences with each other and the world. What's more interesting than that?) I have written and created publications, toolkits, and websites for dozens of K-12 schools, educational organizations, reported for national publications, like Runner's World and Parent & Child magazine, and write poetry.

I oversee the conception of a story to its final delivery, in whichever medium makes sense for your purposes.

See my work.


Product & Project Management

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InspirED is 2Revolutions' social learning and collaboration platform. While in my role as director of digital experience, I managed the day-to-day operations of designing and building InspirED. We went from having no platform at all, to thousands of users in a three year span. My work included: executing against the vision of what problems InspirED was solving for users (and constantly checking in with users to see if our assumptions were true); overseeing the user experience and feature development; managing our development team; serving as lead on customer partnerships; using empathy interviews to better understand user feedback and behavior; and managing communications about the platform internally and externally. 


Video Production

There's magic in visual storytelling. In partnership with a team of talented videographers and editors, I have produced dozens of short films, including the story of what makes a Colorado school radically different for kids (which has been viewed more than 12,000 times). Interviews with educators from across New Hampshire about what innovation looks like in their state. And a New England elementary school's transformation from one of the lowest performing schools to an award-winning place of learning.


Leadership Coach

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One-on-one coach to individuals, business owners, and budding entrepreneurs, helping them reach their goals, launch new ideas, and solve their toughest problems.