Gather&Create brings together a team of talented writers, editors, videographers, audio storytellers, designers, and artists to help you tell stories and create storytelling experiences that move people. We oversee the conception of a story to its final delivery. Below are our services. Explore our Portfolio for a look at recent projects.


Pop-Up Storytelling Exhibits

We have fallen in love with creating physical, curated storytelling experiences, like this. We think you will too. These pop-up exhibits staged in community spaces, from the halls of a local hotel, to a large convening hall, to the walls of your school, bring to life the heart and soul of the work you do. Our team helps design, produce, and artfully display the installations, which blend audio clips, portrait photography, art, and design, inviting users to participate and listen as they see fit, like they would a museum exhibit. The installations we have done so far have centered on student voices. They are intimate and powerful, creating a collective experience for guests as they walk around around discovering and listening together. As one guest, Khizer Husain, said, “In my work, I often have the opportunity to visit schools across the country. In those visits, my favorite part is speaking to the students about their learning. I felt that the student voices installation brought that intimate experience to me with the bonus of being able to pause, reflect, and then hear voices from students at other schools. I was so inspired by the power of the installation, that I am looking to create something similar at my school as a rich way to engage our guests."

Our support for installations can be as extensive as handling all elements of the exhibit, to supporting and coaching you on how to put on your own. We have designed this toolkit to help you do-it-yourself, since in our ideal world every school across the country would stage these installations of student voices, reminding all of us why we do this work in the first place and what school really is all about.

Portfolio Pic of Student Voices.png


Digital Storytelling

All good stories begin with understanding why you are telling the story and exploring what the story is you want to share. Sometimes you need discrete writing and editing support to make tools or reports come to life. Other times you want a narrative story. Or a short video for your website or social media. A podcast that shares learnings and insights about a movement or a group of people. We do it all. Research, filming, interviewing and reporting, synthesis and analysis, editing, design, and production, we handle all parts of the storytelling process.


A designed sign for one of our storytelling exhibits.

A designed sign for one of our storytelling exhibits.



Design matters deeply. We love writing and producing stories, and we also love making stories and content that is beautiful. We can help with web design, graphic creation, and stylizing print or digital materials. When things look good people want to spend more time reading, exploring, and enjoying what you have created.



Thought Partnership

Sometimes what you need doesn’t fall into a specific storytelling bucket, and that’s okay. We have helped a physical therapy practice launch a new service offering. We have supported brainstorming and branding of new initiatives. We have helped new entrepreneurs plan out their next steps. Reach out if you think we can help you.